Take it to the Lord in Prayer!

It seems that people pray as a last resort. Others think it’s a waste of time. The famous hymn bid the weary soul not to despair neither take matters into their own hands. In this poem written to comfort his mother and one that has become a world-famous Christian hymn, What a Friend We Have … Read more Take it to the Lord in Prayer!

The Day I Was Prayed For

The acceleration of God’s movement to bring me to the point of recognizing Jesus as my personal Lord And Savior initiated when I went to volunteer in Homestead, Florida, to help the victims of Hurricane Andrew.Read more The Day I Was Prayed For

How I Stopped Smoking

When I became a teenager and more independent, I started buying my own cigarette. I would smoke at least ten cigarettes a day. There were many times I wanted to quit, and I could not get myself to do it. Even though I heard on the radio and watched public health commercials of the danger of smoking, I just could not cut loose from that enslavement.Read more How I Stopped Smoking


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Roland F. St. Gerard

About Me

Blessings, I am Roland F. St. Gerard, an itinerant preacher, conference speaker, and writer. When I am not in office or speaking at a church service or an event, I spent most of my time home. My wife, Kathleen and I have a combined number of nine children and one grandson. I am the author of the book, Relentlessly Pursued by God!

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